Sgt. Loyd Pearson Retires from Police Department

June 20th, 2013 by Keith Hutchinson

Pearson, Nero1b-275Having served 26 years as a police officer for the Georgetown Police Department, Sgt. Loyd Pearson retired last week. Fellow officers and other City employees shared memories and wished him well on his last day at work on Friday. (Pictured: Sgt. Loyd Pearson on left with Georgetown Police Chief Wayne Nero.)

Sgt. Pearson was hired by the Georgetown Police Department in 1987. He was promoted to sergeant in 2000. In his career with the department, Pearson worked as a DARE officer at Georgetown schools and also worked on juvenile cases and on a youth team. Other assignments have included crime prevention, neighborhood programs, criminal investigations division, and professional standards.

Sgt. Pearson was awarded two Life Saving Medals for two separate incidents in which his actions saved a child who was choking. In the first incident in 1987, Pearson responded to a 911 call from a mother about her child who had an airway blockage. Pearson performed the Heimlich maneuver on the child who then resumed breathing. In the second incident in 1991, Pearson was in a restaurant when a high school student there began choking and passed out. Pearson again used abdominal thrusts to remove the blockage, allowing the student to breathe normally.

Pearson, Loyd, Melissa2b-350Sgt. Pearson also contributed in ways that went beyond traditional police work. In 1997, Pearson came up with the winning idea in a contest to develop a tagline for Georgetown. Pearson was recognized by the city council for his slogan, “Friendly service, Georgetown style,” which was used by the City for many years.

Though Sgt. Pearson is retiring, his daughter will continue a family connection to the Georgetown Police Department. Melissa Pearson will start work on Monday as an emergency communications operator with the department. (Sgt. Loyd Pearson and Melissa Pearson pictured above.)

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